“Spot The Fake News” is a poster I designed for the Fake News Campaign, a juried poster campaign led by Poster for Tomorrow in Paris, France. This poster’s theme is fake news and validating information from credible sources. In this poster, I utilized symbolism to depict fake news and its impact on society. A crow, a powerful symbol of deception and falsehood, is displayed to represent false news. To contrast this, I covered the crow with an owl mask, symbolizing wisdom and truthfulness, effectively representing valid news and reliable sources. The illustration serves as a reminder that in our fast-paced digital age, verifying the authenticity of the information we encounter is crucial. By visually juxtaposing the crow and the owl, I sought to highlight the stark contrast between misleading details and accurate, well-researched news.
 Presented by
• Fake News Campaign, Poster For Tomorrow, Paris, France, 2021

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