I had the great opportunity to collaborate with AARP, the nation’s largest nonprofit organization empowering Americans 50 and older to live fulfilling lives. Through this collaboration, I was commissioned to create two editorial illustrations for one of their online newsletters named “The Girlfriend.”
“The Girlfriend” is a weekly digital newsletter and an empowering platform for women aged 40+. It communicates stories about health, relationships, work, financial goals, and the latest trends that come to life. As an illustrator and designer woman, designing for this newsletter not only allows me to showcase my creativity but also serves as a powerful tool to elevate the voices and experiences of women. Through my work, I aim to increase awareness and representation to celebrate the resilience of women.
In the second illustration, "Is AI Coming for Your Job?" I worked on the concept of AI's impact on the future of employment. I illustrated a computer with humanistic characteristics working with another computer. This illustration explores AI's impact on employment, using a 3D design to depict the dangers of technology on humans' jobs.

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